Upon discovering a stranger hiding in her home, a Lucerne Valley, Calif. woman armed herself, shot and killed the intruder overnight Tuesday, June 25, deputies told KTVU Fox 11 News.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reports that Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station responded to reports of a shooting at a home on the 35000 block of Harvest Moon Street in Lucerne Valley after midnight. Upon entering the residence, deputies found the suspect injured from a gunshot wound.

The suspect was identified as Shea Manigult, age 32. He received life-saving medical treatment but could not be revived. Authorities pronounced him deceased at the home.

The homeowner told officials she had been sleeping when her dog’s barking startled her awake. Entering a bedroom, the woman told deputies that she found the intruder, Manigult, attempting to hide. The homeowner feared for her life and yelled at him, saying he did not belong in her residence. She then went to her living room and secured a gun to arm herself.

When Manigult approached her, the homeowner took action to defend herself and fired a single shot at the suspect. The bullet struck him.

Authorities later determined that the suspect had forced his way into the residence.