Steve White

Steve White is former UK police specialist operations officer. After joining the police in 2003, Steve served as a frontline response officer for several years before moving into covert roles, including field intelligence for gang and violent crime. He then progressed through higher level posts within strategic intelligence, critical infrastructure planning and international policing, and now works in the private sector specializing in the development of unconventional strategies and international coordination.

Cliff Brown

Clifford Brown has 27 years of experience with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). During his tenure at FEMA, Clifford has served in the Earthquakes and Natural Hazards Division, Mitigations Directorate, Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs, Preparedness, Training and Exercises Directorate supporting the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program, Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program, and the Recovery Directorate. Since joining the agency in 1991, Clifford has served in a variety of roles in the support of major disaster, most recently serving as the Director of Disaster Operations, Public Assistance Division, FEMA HQ during the historic disasters of 2017 affecting more than 25 million Americans. Clifford continues to serve in his role as Executive Officer, Public Assistance Division.

Chris Lloyd

Chris Lloyd is a prehospital medicine expert and currently a paramedic in the busy 911-system of San Bernardino, California. From his start as a first-responder EMT in Los Angeles County, to his combined 7 years of multi-faceted EMS experience, Chris is well-versed in providing medical care in urban and austere environments. His professional affiliations include the National Ski Patrol, SCUBA Rescue Diver, FEMA Disaster Response Strike Team, and EMT/Paramedic course instructor at a local community college. An avid outdoorsman, Chris enjoys rock-climbing, minimalist backpacking, alpine snow sports, and maintaining proficiency in outdoors survival techniques by training in tandem with local search and rescue agencies.