Warren County Sheriff’s Office released security footage of a home invasion in Bowling Green, Kentucky, that occurred late Wednesday, May 8. The footage shows a shootout between the homeowner and two suspects that remain at large.

As seen in the video, four suspects appear to enter a mobile home owned by Austin Orwig, 24, after kicking in the door. Orwig, asleep at the time, awoke to the lead intruder approaching his bedroom as shots were fired. A mix of gunshots and yelling ensued, then the suspects fled the scene. Orwig suffered an injury to his right hand.

The suspects may face first-degree burglary and attempted murder charges, according to comments provided by Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower to local news station WBKO-TV.

On the importance of the security footage, Hightower said, “It kind of plays into what the mindset of those individuals was when they forcibly made entry into somebody’s home, came in there armed, and attempting to locate somebody and exchanging gunfire with them and shooting somebody, it’s invaluable to have that type of video footage.”