A Bethany, Okla. resident was able to capture footage of home burglary suspects in the act thanks to a doorbell camera installed at the front entry of his house.

Police are currently searching for two female suspects, one whom appears to be pregnant. The pregnant woman unsuccessfully attempted to enter the home on Saturday, July 6. She returned with the other suspect approximately 13 hours later to again attempt entry, this time with more luck.

During the initial attempt, the pregnant woman was captured on camera meandering through a the neighborhood, crossing a lawn to the home and then removing a window screen. After scanning the area to ensure no one saw her, the pregnant woman then pulled on the window hoping to open it.

According to Bethany Police Lt. Angelo Orefice, the suspect checked for open windows and stole mail before leaving the property. She later returned with the second suspect, who continued the effort of removing window screens until discovering an opening.

A Face-to-Face Encounter

One of the suspects entered the house through the bathroom, Lt. Orefice told local broadcast station News9.com. She went to the resident’s bedroom door and came face-to-face with one of the owners. They were awake thanks to the security alarm, which had sensed the intruders via the doorbell camera. The alarm can send notifications directly to smartphones.

“After an exchange of words, police said the woman is seen running the front door,” Lt. Orefice recalled. She and the other suspect got away. Police are searching for the suspects as they dangers to the public but to themselves and potentially an unborn child.

Lt. Orefice commented that the two women don’t match what some would consider a typical profile of a burglary suspect. He said, “…either she’s desperate for money or something, because normal pregnant women don’t commit crimes like that.”