Best Non-Lethal Weapons for Defense In-Home

Protecting your family and home is a serious undertaking. If you’re unable or unwilling to employ firearms, why not consider some less-than-lethal alternatives? An effective, protective security strategy should include both preventative measures and tactical options, but a full spectrum approach to planning is essential. When considering non-lethal weapons, this […]

Best Martial Arts for Self-Defense in Your Home

Your capacity to slow, reduce, or defeat a threat using only your body is an important part of home security planning. But, in a world of YouTube videos, self-styled ‘gurus,’ and an expanding spider’s web of untested self-defense systems, what are the best martial arts for use inside your home?  […]

Home Protection Dog: Best Guard Dogs for Home Defense

Throughout the history of mankind, dogs have been used to guard their owners, families, and homes against external threats. This has proved to be a tremendously successful relationship, but which breeds are most effective for home protection today? As with other elements of home protection, deterrence is the best form […]